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I wasn't quite sure where to post this because at first this was a long distance relationship and now it's an ex-boyfriend problem. Anyway, my long distance boyfriend broke up with me on Saturday and of course I was (and still am) devistated. Last night (or early this morning) on Facebook my best friend and my ex-boyfriend kind of got into a little argument on his Facebook status and I wasn't sure if I should say anything or not. All I know is that this kinda halted my progress a bit because I want to at least APPEAR that I'm doing okay, because the ultimate goal for me in the end is to win him back (I'm moving back to where he lives in December). Here's what was said (I'm using made up names by the way....)



Amy: ......


Mike: .....


Amy: you know i shouldn't have to even say it. you know what im thinking


Mike: i'm not thinking right now, so i can't know what you are thinking.


Amy: You're a * * * * . and we're on incredibly BAD terms


Mike: then what are you doing talking to me?


Amy: i dont know i can't sleep and i just wanted you to know you're a * * * * .


Mike: what constitutes my being a * * * * ? go ahead, lay out a thesis for me. i've got nothing better to do.


Amy: you broke michelle's heart. literally. thats so * * * * ed up you told her you wanted it to work then you just peace the * * * * out. its just NOT nice


Mike: true, but isn't it even worse to keep something alive that's not working? that just prolongs the problem.


Amy: ugh you're just dumb..


Mike: a simple ad hominem argument isn't doing you any good. you have to provide reasons WHY i'm dumb.

listen amy , i don't want to argue with you, but if you want to do this i can.





... They could've taken it on instant messanger or something. Do I say anything? I'm trying to get him back in the end and I know I should limit contact with him. HELP.

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I wouldn't say anything at all, unless you want to run the risk of exasperating the situation.


As for "winning him back"...just remember to enjoy yourself in the meantime. If you make that your primary goal for the next few months, you're going to find yourself getting very depressed and very "crazy-ex-girlfriend." I would recommend just taking it easy and focusing on different things and friends that you enjoy spending time with.

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