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Really close to breaking NC, help!


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Im really close to breaking NC tonight.. I have been NC for over 2 weeks now and we have been broken up “break” for almost a month. I really want to wait until at least October before calling him but for some reason I just feel like giving up all the hard work of not having any contact and calling… Im afraid that hell reject me when I do which is why I want to wait a bit longer… but then again maybe hes waiting for me to call? I doubt it, since hes the one who wanted this break and told me that he needs to think about our relationship and doesn’t know if we will end up together… grrr why do I feel like calling him so much tonight! I feel so lonely!

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I'm so sorry you're feeling lonely. There are a lot of us on here who feel just like you do. NC is hard to do but you are making great progress! Really. Be proud of yourself. Just think about it this way: you are wondering about him but at the same time he is wondering about you. Wouldn't you rather he be thinking all kinds of wild things (is she with someone else, is she missing me, is she going out all the time...), than calling him and telling him how lonely you are? Or even just saying that you are doing ok but miss him, etc. The MYSTERY of NC is what works, if anything will work. I mean sometimes a relationship is just dead and there's nothing we can do to get em back, but if there is still a spark, then being a woman of mystery may work to get him to give you a call. That's what you want - him to call you, not the other way around. If your best friend was in this situation wouldn't you tell her to just hang on for awhile longer? Just post here instead of calling him. We're here for you!

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Don't break your NC state. Try as hard as you can not to.


I went through a HORRIBLE break up w/my ex-fiance several years ago and had zero willpower when it came to NC. Every time I did it (or accepted his contact of me) it ended up being like ripping a scab off and opening the wound again. Good, smart people kept telling me to go NC but I didn't listen, and it just made healing that much harder and take that much longer.


I'm sorry you feel lonely. That's when we want to reach out the most - but more often than not, the end result of reaching out makes us feel worse than when we started.


You're doing good. 2 weeks is great. Make it through the next 15 min, then the next hour, then the next day.

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DONT break no contact!


I went NC for a week and started to feel OK, he started contacting me, wanted to try to work things out, i feel for it. He dumped me again....twice in 3 weeks!

If i had of remained NC i would be feeling much better about myself right now.

i HONESTLY believe NC lets you heal.

I am really sorry you feel the way you do, i feel the same.

But be really strong and dont break NC, even if its killing you.

good luck x

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