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Is it my fiance or is it me?


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Hey all, I am new to this forum.. I joined because I feel like I need to get some suggestions, ideas from people here..


I have been living with my fiance for 3 years now.. he doesnt like to go out, he doesn't like to be out doing anything ..


He goes to bed early.. like 8:00 pm.. I am ok with him doing that during the week.. but today is saturday , he told me that he was going to watch tv in the bedroom, that's his excuse to go to bed early.. I told him straight out, why you going to bed so early? .. he said " we went to the movies this afternoon and went out to eat" what else do you want to do" ?


I said: " I dont want to be spending my saturday night in the living room alone" ..


He said , while he was biting his tongue " dont start with me "


and he went to bed


he tells me he loves me all the time and I am the best thing ever happened to him,..


I dont known whats his problem?

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