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Shameless girl from work keeps hitting on my fiance


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Some background: The employees at my fiance's workplace pretty much all get along so they goof around a lot, hang out after work to drink, and just have a good time. Of course, this generates gossips and stories, from which the more mature workers have concluded that the whole workplace is basically a huge highschool drama show. This gives you an idea of what the general maturity level is there. There's one girl who hit on my fiance from the get-go (when he first started the job), and seemed to have backed off once she knew he's engaged. But word on the street is that she sleeps around.


Fast forward to a couple nights ago. My fiance, his roommates (who are also his coworkers), and this girl were drinking at their place. I've always been wary of this girl, so when my fiance told me that she was there too, I was kinda alarmed, but decided not to say anything unless something happened...


Not only did she keep on suggesting my fiance to hook up with her throughout the night, while giving him sob stories about why she needs to be pity-screwed (damn censors), she ignored all his rejections and eventually tried to have sex with him while he was sleeping. He replied to her advances by bashing her head into the wall, so she got up and left. This should've been a clear enough hint right? NOOOOO. The next day she pretended nothing happened and tried to invite herself over to his place, to which my fiance said no. The guys have already decided the night before that she will never be invited to their place again, and if she shows up, she will NOT get past that front door.


It's too bad that I live too far away, or else I could give her a second head trauma with an aluminum bat. Now the question is, is this even my battle? While annoyed with having to deal with her shamelessness, my fiance seems to have the situation under control. Maybe I should just sit back, laugh at her with the rest of the guys, and not get worked up over something I can't do anything about?


But I still want to cripple that ****!!!!

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Ewww! Honey, as hard as it is, this is NOT your battle. This is between him and this tramp. It seems to me that he is not the least attracted to her on any level, so you have nothing to worry about.


Has he informed the boss about this? This is, by law, sexual harassment, and she can get in big trouble for it.

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no this is not your battle. I know it makes you want to go and beat the crap out of her, but your boyfriend seems like he's handling the issue by constantly rejecting her advances. He probably thinks she's a lunatic by now. You have nothing to worry about...but if she continues her craziness, you may want to get a restraining order on her.

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This woman sounds like a nymphomaniac that can't get enough sex. I don't suppose you'd have her number would you?


Seriously though, this story smells fishy. Since you were not there, I'm assuming the information you've received has been on hearsay.


So let me get this straight...your boyfriend has been repeatedly propositioned by some mysterious girl from work who "sleeps around," and has made multiple advances that have all been rejected by your gallant husband-to-be. In spite of this, he somehow finds himself in a situation where they are drinking all night together, gets propositioned again, (publicly no less) to which he of course declines. Later that night (this girl is somehow still there), she jumps into the sack with him offering to perform sexual favors to your finance that are again declined. To ensure this sex-crazed woman leaves him alone, he bashes her head against the wall.


But wait...your finance's irresistible pheromones compel her to yet again solicit his company and she invites herself to his place the next day in the hopes of finally making sweet sweet love. Your finance of course rejects her again, but this time confers with his fellow male buddies who all agree to keep the sex-starved shameless girl in the front door and away from future parties.


Hmmmm....yeah! Ok.


If this is real however, the answer is simple. Instead of beating her up or issuing edicts precluding her from future events, he simply needs to warn her that she will be reported to HR if she makes any further advances towards him. Sexual harassment does not need to take place in the office to force an employer to react. If she does it again- she WILL get fired and that's the end of that.


Personally...I'm not buying his BS, but don't let that stop you from eating it up.

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Ugh I'd be worried that he was cheating honestly....


But than again, some girls really are crazy and would go to that length. Seeing a guy that is taken makes them want him more.


But seriously, your guy knew she was obsessed with him, so WHY did they invite her over to drink at THEIR place? That doesn't seem right...


If my boyfriend was in that situation, he would deffinatly never invite her anywhere with him, and he would report the situation to his boss when things started getting out of hand.


Why go to all this length to tell you this? and beat her head in? Yeah he could tell the boss about the sexual harrasment and she could get in trouble, but HE could get into even more trouble for an aggravated assault charge.


Something seems off about this....

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