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Ankle injury and training for a run

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Hey guys... just wanted to know if anyone else has been through this..


Basically, I have been training boot camp-style 3 times a week (for fitness) for the last month, on top of my regular gym workouts. I have been doing a lot of cardio and running to train for a 10k run in October.


Unfortunately, I injured my ankle 2 weeks ago after I over-trained. Plus I had injured my ankle a few months prior without seeking treatment as it appeared to heal quickly on its own. When I went to the doctor he told me I had strained a tendon in my ankle and to stay off it for 2-3 weeks. I had several physiotherapy sessions and my ankle was feeling much better at the end of last week - I no longer needed to limp, the stiffness and soreness was pretty much gone and I had gone to the gym a few times to work out (using low-impact elliptical machines and NOT the treadmill) and my ankle felt great. Even the physio told me I could try walking on the treadmill.


Yesterday I went to the gym and used the elliptical machine/cross trainer whatever you call it... avoided the treadmill... but now the soreness and stiffness is back.. I have been doing all the stretching exercises the physio told me to do and I am super stretchy now, been working on strengthening my leg muscles etc.. but I am limping again slightly due to the soreness. I have made an appointment with the physiotherapist but I am so worried I;ve done something to impede the healing process.. although I do feel I've been following the doc's/physio's advice to a T thus far.


my question is, is this going to make it impossible for me to train for the run? It's a month away now and I really wanted to make some more progress and shave a few more minutes off my time. And I've been absent from the high-intensity boot camp training for over 2 weeks and I really want to get back in there.


Will I never be able to run again?? My tendon isn't completely torn, in fact the doc told me it was most likely a stage 1 tear (very slight) and would heal quickly. I am just so worried I won't be able to run because I have come to love it so much.

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You can go through the training and excitement for your first race exactly as you are now in 6-8 weeks and be completely healed and in tip top shape.



I have lots of experience with this kind of thing and this is great advice. Any tendon has a limited blood supply and takes a long time to heal otherwise you will get a recurrent injury. Usuallly minimum 4-6 weeks. The elliptical on its own isnt any good for you with this injury as it resitricts your movement so the ankle is only getting worked in one way and often peopl tend to go on their toes while pulling back on the footplate therby using the calf..you need to do something that challenges the stability of the ankle in a controlled load bearing way like stepping up and down of a box front to back and side to side holding dumbells..or lunges... with some elliptical and then progressing to the treadmill and then back onto harder surfaces.


I would imagine that the original untreated injury has left scar tissue which is not very flexible and that has contributed to the new injury.


You have made the classic mistake of going back too quickly. If you have followed the doc/physio advice... has it worked for you? I think they have both underestimated the healing time.


Also dont just strengthen you legs and leave the ankle as that will mean a weak link in the chain. Always do stability exercise for the ankle hip and knee using good posture. The ankle issue could be coming from any point in that chain.

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Hi BlueRizla,


Thanks for the advice - yup I've been given advice on strengthening my ankle as well, and there are a lot of stretching and stability exercises Ive been doing for the ankle... so far it seems much better now, however I am getting a little antsy about not being able to work out.. but I do understand it is for the better that I rest and heal.


Mostly I am making sure my injured ankle is as flexible and strong as the other, and also I have some gel to massage onto it every morning and night to soften the fibres of the tendon and all before any activity... I need to get a hot pack to put on it too for before a workout.. also the doc told me to put a cold towel/cold pack (but not an ice pack) on it after a workout to bring the temp down to normal.


Does it all sound like good advice to you...?

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