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My bff is going crazy!


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Ok so me and my bff have been friends on and off for over 11 years. I love her. I am slighly older than her by one month. Now we have always been very similar and her fam was there for me when I left home at 17. Over these last few years she has been changing in a way that something seems off about her mentally. She told me a long time ago that she really admires me and sometimes wishes she could be me. When we were in high school she was dressing like me, walking like me, talking like me and trying to do everything I do/did. It was so frustrating then. But over these last few years she has gotten worse. my other friends and fam have told me to watch her because she seems off. U know how someone can seem like their not all there mentally. So she has for the last year been trying to take pieces of my life and make them her own. For example when we get around other friends or fam and we're all talking and reminiscing about the old days and all the things we got into as kids, teens and young adulthood I would go to tell my stories and she would cut me off and start telling the stories for me and even changing up some of the events. Just recently we were hanging out with friends and again I was telling my stories and she cut me off and said the experience I was just getting ready to talk about happened to her and it was clearly a LIE. She knows it too! Like I have a friend who is now a pro football player in the NFL and he and I go wayyyyyyy back to when we were 12 years old. He harassed me all thru middle and high school and made a ton of sexual inuendos but he and I NEVER had sex. We remained friends. So one day he and I were happening to be coming up the same stairwell and he basically pinned me in a corner on the stairwell and groped me and whispered in my ear...I thought he was going to rape me but he didnt and mostly because another friend of mine happened to be coming up the stairs and she called for me to come to the bus with her. I was lucky that day. So anyways I was telling this story to me and my bff's friends as we all shared old memories from school and my bff cut me off and said my friend who is now a NFL football player did this same thing to her and continued to tell the story like it had happened to her. I was shocked that she did that because she has heard that story about me a ton of times and she acted like it happened to her. I say she's lying because my friend doesnt even KNOW my bff. My school was huge so he never even knew she existed...he never spoke to her ever so because he and I go so far back I know him very well and he would never do what he did to me to her because he didnt know her. He did stuff like that to me all the time but it never phased me because I grew up with him and was fairly attracted to him but during those days (back in school) I wasnt ready to have sex. I cant believe my bff! She's really making me think she is crazy...she's tryin so hard to compete with me and be like me at the same time that its making it hard for me to continue being her friend. What do I do? I think she is on some single white female (the movie) type of stuff...like really crazy and over the years its just getting worse.....

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I can continue to be friends with him because I was not affraid of him...intimidated by his large muscles and size but not affraid really. I was attracted to him back then but just not ready for sex at that time...He's not like that now. When he went off to college he changed drastically. He didnt use total force on me but I was just a tad intimidated moreso by his size. Underneath everything he is a good person. I think he was looking for someone to love him back then because he lost both his parents at a young age and didnt know how to go about it the right way.


As for my bff....I am thinking really hard about calling it quits with her. I have had enough of this twin thing shes tryin to become. Shes definitely becoming an attention * * * * * . She actually vandalized my car because I didnt answer my phone at 11pm one night awhile back...she said she was intoxicated and meant to get another girls car that parks in the same parking area I park...the girl drives the same exact car as mine....very identical. But my bff is just turning crazy and its weirding me out....

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