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Romantic evening plans or ideas??


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Okay, so my girlfriend and I are going through a rough patch but we are working through it. By rough I mean that she doesn't think that our physical aspect is nearly as strong as our romantic and emotional aspect. She says that its not as frequent as she would like. I know I am to blame because I am simply am just too sensitive toward her. Anyway that is beside the point. In five days my parents are going to be about seven hundred miles away and I will be alone. I am trying to plan some fun evenings for the two of us and I am trying to find something good for us to do at home. Like I dont want to just have her over and have sex because that seems much too blatant. So, what I am asking for some help. Clearly the same old romantic setting is not working so I want to do something a bit uncharacteristic. So, I guess the romance and sweetness is inevitable and I am going to incorporate that but I am just looking for ideas on how to bring passions and physicality into this evening. So, please give me some ideas? Thanks to all that give some!

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that is actually a pretty solid idea. Any idea on things i could do to make it that much more special to her? While being descrete of course.


Heh, that's the part I'm kinda stumped at too. You could sorta make it a "retro" date kinda thing. Go out for ice cream or a diner somewhere first, and then hit up the drive-in. Buy her pop corn, bring blankets, the whole shebang. That's kinda my plan so far. Something a little unique and different!

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