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How do you know if your ex wants you withou them actually saying it?


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this has been bothering me for a while. I have an ex, been apart for quite some time now. the beginning of the break up was bad and over time it got better. and now it's at the point where we can talk again and be friendly with one another (i.e. IM, texting, facebook comments, etc.)


but my question is how do you know when it's not just about having the friendship, that it's about wanting more. I want more, but how can i figure out if she wants more without actually asking her out on a date?


Has anyone ever gone through this, or is going through it? i mean how do you know for sure and you have the go ahead? are there any signs to look out for?

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she broke up with me. and i took it pretty hard in the beginning (which was first semester at school) then second semester i did nothing to try and talk to her at all, no effort. all communication was initaiated by her. then after 2nd semester i graduated. and i really didn't think i'd speak to her again. but then she IMed one time, then friend requested me on facebook. fast forward to now, well there has been lots of communication over the summer

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hmm...i know it's hard to not read into every little gesture that our exes make. what kinds of conversations are you two having? what do you talk about? have you met in person? if so, what has that been like? if your pride doesn't get in the way, and you're not afraid of a possible rejection, then give it a shot. personally, i think i have too much pride to make the first move when i'm the dumpee (my situation as of now).

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i know i'm too pridefull to make the first move too, but i think i'm going o have too cause she is way too stubbron and hard headed.


well our convos involve lots of laughing, we give each other s**t, poke fun. she showed me some pics from our first year at college. she wants to see i look like with my new haircut. gossip about people we know, talk s**t about them.


saw her at a party once while we were talking like this but we really didn' interact much with one another. i mean it's so hard to tell. the times we spoke though she came up to me. dunno if that helps?

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dissapeared from her life already for a while, we only started talking agin cause she friended me on facebook after defriending a while back and IMed me.


to answer your question, she doesn't ask me about my dating life, and we talked in the beginning once a week or so, now we contact one another every few days i guess.

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