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The waiting game


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I know when you date you're not supposed to play the "waiting game," but I find it difficult to attempt dating more than one person, anyway. I've been dating this one guy I met for just over a month and despite the fact that it's still "too early" I'm liking him something fierce. We've had five dates, and one was particularly long because we went out of the city. I haven't gotten bored once yet. I enjoy all of our conversations. The first time I kissed him it was like clockwork... making out is total heaven... and I just feel like I "get" him, somehow (we have similarities in our facial expressions, lol). I didn't think I would feel that much chemistry with someone with the oh so many qualities he has.


Like... there is nothing missing right now... except for knowing what he sees in us. He's attractive to me in a way no one else has been before, he has a fantastic job, he balances work and play extremely well, he's exceedingly intelligent, his background is somewhat similar to mine, he loves kids, he's trustworthy and kind, I get along with (and really like) his friends, we seem to have the same values... the list goes on...


If it makes a difference, I'm 23 and he's 29...


I know I just have to have fun and take it slowly, but I'm dying to know if he sees anything in us or... what. He's going on vacation on Sept 4th and I'm seeing him today. I don't know if this will be the last date for 2 weeks or whether I'll see him again before he leaves. I confess that I will probably miss him if I have to wait 2 weeks (so far we've been seeing each other each weekend).


If you were me, would you bring anything up? I've pretty much told him, "I like you" and he's made numerous comments to that effect as well. I'm also pretty confident he's not seeing anyone else right now. Is knowing someone for a month and a half simply NOT long enough?


Maybe these are all moot questions, because what I really want is for him to introduce how he feels about me without me even having to ask.


It's just so, so hard to wait when you like someone a LOT...

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Nice to have someone worth waiting for.... Good for you.


How true -- he is! I keep finding myself worry about whether the chemistry is really there on his end... yet, he keeps indicating in every way it is. It's just so "Seriously?! You feel it too?!" *BLISS*! But it's so tough! I need to ask him what he thinks... I can't take it........

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