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Don't Dance...


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For some reason I get anxiety when there comes a time when my friends and I go out and they hit the dance floor. I have no compulsion to dance at all, I feel stupid and that I dont know how. Everyone is always in awe when I say that I don't dance and I feel stupid but I just can't do it. I don't know what it is and it bothers me, I wish that one day I could build up the confidence without alcohol and dance! Has anyone else felt this way or am I alone on this one?

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I've never been shy about dancing, probably because I'm one of those weirdos who frequently dances around my room in front of the mirror whenever a good song comes on the radio. Try it sometime; you might find that you enjoy dancing when there's no one around to feel self-conscious in front of, and eventually you'll feel comfortable enough to start dancing in public.

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You could try going only to very dark discotheques!


Honestly, I do not think it is necessary to dance in order to be a social person, as long as you choose others who are also not into dancing.


I do not believe that alcohol will turn you either into a social butterfly or a dancer. My cousin tried to loosen up both my brother and me some years ago at a disco with alcohol and it didn't work!


Alcohol is not a magic tonic to relieve shyness.

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i used to be like this. then one day i was at a wedding and i said "god damm it, i'm going to dance b/c dancing is fun" (i used to love dancing in high school and then i got really embarrassed to do it all the sudden and didn't do it for years). i got up and did it, danced badly, and I didn't care. i had a blast!!


one thing you can try is asking yourself how many ofthose people will you ever see again? and it's fun to make a fool out of yourself sometimes b/c you don't have to take yourself so seriously.

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