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cichlid's "get healthy" journal


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Starting weight was 134 lb. I want to return to somewhere between 120 lb and 115 lb. I have a small frame and I looked good between those two weights. Anyway... this is my "get healthy" journal so that I can track my food consumption and my exercise routine.


Past weigh-ins:

August 8: 130.2

August 12: 129.3

August 13: 128.9

August 14: 127.8

August 15: 128.2

August 17: 128.6

August 18: 128.0

August 20: 128.8

August 21: 128.0

August 22: 128.0


Food issues:

Everyone has that something that they love eating. I love eating chicken ramen. I don't drink the broth but I love eating the noodles. My goal this month is to stop eating this completely.


Exercise issues:

I have a hard time staying focused on my exercise routine. It's difficult but I am hoping that by keeping this journal I can stay focused.

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Morning weigh-in: 128.0 lb

Exercise: "298.0" calories burned, walked at 8.0% incline at pace of 3.5 mph for 9 minutes and then ran at 7.0 mph at same incline for 1 minute. Did this for 30 minutes.


Food so far:


- Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt (Blueberry) - 1 serving

- 1/2 of the following smoothie - 1 banana, 1 handful of mixed berries, 2 handfuls of mango chucks (frozen), 1 1/2 cups Noble tangerine juice, 2 handfuls of ice

- 1 package of ramen (I snack on this during weekends...I'm so bad!)

- Remainder of a homemade chicken pot pie (Ellie Krieger's recipe but cut in half)

- 6 Triscuits (Hint of Salt)

- Salad ("Tender Ruby Reds") with organic tomatoes and organic carrots and small amount of Caesar dressing

- Organic celery (I use it for recipes and hate seeing it go to waste)

- 1 Hard boiled egg

- 1 serving of cheese

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Morning weigh-in: 127.8 lb

Exercise: "296.9" Calories burned



- Wheat Chex

- Hard boiled egg

- Smoothie (tangerine juice, mixed berries, mango, and 1/2 a banana)

- Half a PB&J on Wheat

- Okios Greek Yogurt

- 10 Triscuits

- 1/4 a small package of peanuts (290 calories for entire package)

- Quesadillas (multi-grain tortilla, 1/4 onion, 1/4 tablespoon canola oil, olive oil spray, 1/4 cup mexican cheese, 1/2 cup spinach, 1/4 chicken breast, spices)

- Salad (Ruby Reds, Carrots, Tomatoes, small amount of Caesar dressing)

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