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Tell me why im like this.


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Hi, my name is aaron wilson. Im new here, but i need help big time. My parents are weird and would not approve of me seeing a therapist. Ive heard this is a good place to start.


So tonight, i was on facebook with my girlfriend, when i decide to start pissing her off. For fun, i know im aweful. I did this to the point of her crying and breaking up with me. I phoned her and begged her not too, so she didnt. I then got really depressed for doing that to her, i wanted to die. I posted i hated life on facebook, then her mom got on facebook and asked if i was allright. I told her im fine, just a little worried about what ive done. I know our relationship will never be the same. Im going to her house tomorow and im worried. Im worried i have bi polar syndrome and the fact of facing her parents. Please help. Im having troubles lately with my emotions and controlling them.


Please help me out.


Aaron wilson.

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If I were you, I would make a Dr's appointment without your parents knowing, and go talk to your Dr If you're concerned about Bi-Polar Syndrome.

I have an aunt who is Bi-Polar and she used to have crazy mood swings and stuff. It got really bad at one point before she was diagnosed with it.

Your parents don't have to know about you going to the Dr's. You have the right as an individual to speak with someone if you are concerned about your health and well being.

I'm sure you're Dr. will be able to help you out, just let him/her know what's going on, as well as how your parents are.

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it's really hard to deal with being bi-polar or manic or something else (not saying that you are, only a doctor can make that call), but trying to deal with it without knowing what it is is much harder.


the best thing is to obviously try to see a therapist, but if not, try to just speak with your doctor, they can be very helpful as well. But, until you have the option to do that, you have to try to maintain a conscious control of your emotions and actions. Try to slow down and think more. Before posting something on facebook, stop, take a breath (maybe even step away from the computer) and think about what you're about to say and how it may effect others, and does it sound like something you would normally say?


Also, try to talk to your girlfriend about what you think is going on, and hopefully, she will be more understanding. Though take note, some girls (and boys when the roles are reversed) may see this as too big a commitment and too much stress for them. That is something you'll have to decide if she will stay with you through.

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well, she is appearently marrying me. Were only 16 and she is always on about how much i mean to her. I love her to pieces and she loves me back. I dont bilieve shell leave me, but if she does, i seriuosly think alot of weight would be lifted. Whenever i see here of stuff she does, i get so jelouse, like i dont trust her, but she would never do anything bad to me EVER. So another reason i think i have bi polar.

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Well, let's not try to assign a name or condition (lets let a doctor do that, since there are actually dozens that it could be), but it does seem that you have very large emotions that are difficult to control.


It is most important to do your best to try to control them, but realize that you are human and may slip up. So to protect yourself, your girlfriend, and your relationship, it is best to let her know what you know, and how you feel.


And that conversation will likely be a very delicate one so it is also very important that you don't lose control of your emotions when try to talk about your emotions. To try to do that, you'll want to think a lot about what you want to say, maybe even practice, and not just do it as a spur of the moment the next time you see her.

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My ex-GF has ruined two marriages and three kid's lives plus my own and a handfull of guys all becasue she is Bi-polar. She was diagnosed in college, but she thinks it's ridiculous and refuses to acknowledge it.


End result, she hurts and hurt and hurts people, even though her good side is one of the nicest people I have ever met.


The first person she hurt was a guy she was in a serious relationship with in high school for two years. One day she up and quit the relationship...they were graduating anyway, what was the point of continuing the relationship. I bet he was devastated.


You don't need your parent's apporval to make yourself better.

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You mentioned you're 16...one word...puberty..I'm 16, I'm in love, and I'm sure I've experienced all your emotions and then some. It's called being a teenager. You might not be ready for this kind of commitment. Maybe it's too much for you to handle right now. Maybe it's just all the hormones. I honestly wouldn't go as far as calling you bipolar. I think you're making too much of this. I speak from experience, being in love at 16 is a pretty big deal and can make you feel a lot of different things. And just remember, people are different in person than online. Maybe you did something dumb and impulsive, choosing to make her mad on Facebook? The way you act on online, or just on Facebook, isn't how you really are in person, and you're torn between the two? I know that's how I felt. Teenagers are pretty notorious for being impulsive, though. Well, that's just my 2 cents. Good luck, though, and really don't beat yourself up too much over this. And if you need someone to talk to about it let me know. I think I've experienced a lot of what you're going through.

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I don't know, sometimes we feel the need to p*ss off and hurt the ones we love to see how much we can get away with before they want to break up with us? I used to get that feeling from my ex-bf. He used to do/say hurtful things, and once he admitted he did something "just to p*ss you off". OUCH.

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legally, no, you don't need your parent's approval. But you need to consider the consequences of your actions and how your parents would react if they found out. I have a friend who was living with her parents and decided to get married to someone they didn't approve of, so they threw her our, that night (after they cooled off two days later, they came to their senses thankfully).


regardless of what you have the right to do, there are still concequesnces for actions. It would be best to try to talk some sense into your parents to get them to let you go, if not, try talking to your doctor about it the next time you have a physical (if you play sports) or check up, cause your doctor, by law, has to respect your confidentiality.

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