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what should i do??


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so, to keep it brief, my ex and i have been in contact through facebook and aim and a few texts on one occasion. it's alot of contact considering there was barley any communication for about 7 months. it's been 11 months since we've been apart. i do still like her but i do not want to jump the gun on anything and set myself up for a fall.


anyway we were at the same party last night and we talked very little. each time it was her coming up to me and talking, not any long drawn out conversations, just little talk. she talked about wanting to see my haircut. I had cut my hair really short a while back and she said she neevr got a chance to see it. anyway i had a lot of fun that night with other people and it was obvious, but the strange thing is I didn't really try to talk to her at all as I was chilling with people who I was having a good time with. she seemed very isolated from the party the entire night, only talking to the people she came with. I want to hang out with her in party scenes and have it be like it was when we first started hanging out and maybe ask her to chill one on one sometime.


should I have tried to talk to her more at the party? or did I do the right thing? I just really don't know where to go from here? I really need advice

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Go for it mate


dont over do anything


just be how you were when you first got together. Dont worry too much about how you are beng percieved.


Just leave the past behind and imagine a fresh slate buddy.


Just act like you would with any other girl you were interested in, you wouldnt come on all heavy with someone new right?

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Yes, leq, you're absolutley right. that's what i wanted to be able to do so badly at that party. but our past history just kept popping into my head and i began to worry about the right and wrong things to say. ugh i wish i could just take all that history and set it aside right now

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Okay I've made up my mind and I am going to ask her to hang out, I don't know how or when I just know that I am going to do it. And I'm really bugging out about it. It's making me nervous cause I know she has it in her head that I am different than what I was before when we dated. and she probably will feel uneasy about it because of how I aced needy before when we started talking. Does anyon have any sound advice I could use in this process? or experience in doing this? really any advice would be greaty appreciated?

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I think the way you acted at the party makes sense. You let her do what she was going to do and she showed some interest. I'd ask her if she wants to do something. It doesn't have to be a big deal---just something light. Don't talk about the relationship or make some big speech about how you're feeling. Ask her casually and see what she says. What you're saying about starting over, like it's square one, is the right attitude. It's all good : )

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