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The Divorce Papers have been filed...


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If you want to read my divorce story,

this is the thread about how he told me:


here is the 2nd link about the counselor wanting to talk to my husband...



This past Monday, August 17, my husband and I met at the Courthouse and we officially filed for Divorce. It cost exactly $356.00 dollars to file for divorce in CA!! The time we spent together, our dreams, our future....cost exactly $356.00 (we had not assets or children to fight over). I am actually laughing about it because it is so ridiculous and so unbelievable!.


After, he invited out to breakfast and we talked. I was angry when I first saw him. but I mellowed out after. I could never stay mad at him.


We were going to part ways...but I had to hang around after because my counselor is about 10 min. from his house and had to wait for my appt. He actually invited me to a movie because he did not want me to hang out for 2.5 hours. I went with him. at the movies, I would usually hold his hand...I did not do that.


I went back to his house to use the restroom and left him to see my counselor. he refused to go.


This person was a stranger to me. We have not spoken since.


Just an FYI- his house is dirty. the restroom smells. I wrote something on the message board before I left (this was less than a month ago), he had not erased it. His plants are not being watered.


At least he is taking care of the cat!


It was an interesting day. I am missing my husband something awful tonight. It hurts so much.


My counselor told me that it would happen. that my emotions would go from one extreme to another. MY GOD IT HURTS!!



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Am I supposed to be fighting with him?


After we filed, he invited me to breakfast since we had been at the courthouse all morning...then I had my appt. with the counselor the same day, but I had to wait 2.5 hours before I could go. My husband did not want me to wait around at the Mall, which is what I was going to do, so he invited me to a movie.


This was all on Monday...the 17th. I have not spoken to him since. I was the one who told him "lets get this over with...". My counselor told me that my emotions were going to go all over the place with this situation...and that day, I was angry, but did not want to fight with him.


What was I supposed to do? What is the correct way to act in this situation. My counselor said that it was kind of normal.



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I am very angry at the moment. I dont know why. I went from being okay, to not being okay. I am depressed and I want someone to throw the blame at someone again.


I have the contact information for the other woman he was talking to (emotional relationship there or so he says, nothng happened ??) and I want to call her up and ask her why she kept pursuing a relationship with my husband after I told her to stop talking to him.


It amazes me why a married woman with kids would want to pursue a relationship with a married guy? I told my husband that he needed to stop, he didn't though.


I am trying to be on friendly terms with him because I do hope there is a chance of reconciliation later on. He is not the same person and I am trying to make up excuses like he has chemical imbalance...




I am going crazy.

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All the things you are feeling are very normal. Your heart and mind are battling and that is why you hate and miss him. Your mind knows the reality but your heart longs for what once was. If you keep hoping he will come back you will never heal. That flicker of hope will hold you back from doing what needs to be done to move on with your life.

He chose her over you and your marriage. He made you a choice. You are not a choice! He isn't who you thought he was and I doubt if your friend were to try and fix you up with a guy that left his wife for some other woman you would pass.

The $356 thing is for each person which seemed like a rip off to me. I gladly paid my half to get this thing over with though.

Perhpas NC would be best for you....


my offer always stands


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