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hypothetically speaking...


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I'm sure everybody at some stage plays the hypothetical question game where you ask your BF or GF what they would do in certain situations. Well my BF thought of one earlier and asked me what I would do if he got sent to prison for 15-20 years.


My answer was that I would visit him and basically wait for him until he got out. He told me I would be an idiot to do that and said that he wouldn't allow me to and that he would stop my visits to force me to move on. I told him that I wouldn't want to move on and would want to visit him, he said that I could visit him if I took me new husband with me. He told me that he would be a different person if he was even sent away and that he would class his life as being over and would basically turn into a monster. He also said that forcing me to move on by refusing to see me would be the kindest thing he could do.


It kinda upset me a little because I would want to wait for him I think if that ever happened.


Silly thread I know but just thought I would write it out. Not sure if him not wanting me to wait for him is a good or bad thing.


Anybody want to share their hypothetical questions?

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I completely understand your BF way of thinking. He imagined himself being so in the wrong when he ends up as a criminal in a prison. He would feel so bad about himself that he would need to do something good in order to respect himself back. So by letting you go he gains self-respect.


However I do not understand what brought this way of thinking...

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Has he done something bad?


Hypothetically questions usually aren't so detailed. Like what if I died or something more innocent. Jail? What the heck is that, where does that come from? Plus if he did something so horrible to stay in a prison that long would you want to stay with him? 15 to 20 years is a long time, wasting a lot of your life.

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you wouldn't be able to wait 15 - 20 years, trust me. If he went to prison means he broke the law, means he didn't respect society, didn't treasure himself, you and your love enough to put it at risk. Your response was probably based on a romantic idea, in reality I'm pretty sure you'd move on..

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