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right iv been seeing this girl for about a year

it used to be amazing but its just got so bad

her life is so busy and im being pushed right out of it

she puts everything above me and her even things that i dont see as important.

we never talk anymore and are just growing further and further apart

she doesnt act like she even cares about me anymore

i know i need to end it

but im so in love with her and i just think shes amazing

i know i was to nice to her and gave her everything she wanted at the start of the relationship, she never really used to put effort into "us" but now she wont even find time for me

so many things are going through my head and i cant taslk to her baout it

if i try to she just says im stressing her out and she refuses to talk to me

its not always been like this we used to be perfect

but now everythings just f***** up

how can i get over her? im pretty sure she wont change iv given her sooo many opportunities


any opinions? not just on breaking up but on what else i can try

iv tried to leave her but i just cant give up on us

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sounds like what i went through with my ex.


if your partner is not willing to put time and effort into you and the rship - then whats the point of trying ever so hard to make things right - if you are tryign to do that, then your partner is just going to accept that its your responsibility to carry the rship......


perhaps its time to either stop seeing her altogether or just back up a bit and let her come to you.

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The best thing to do would be to let it end. She's made it clear, painfully so, that her relationship with you, or lack thereof is not a priority to her anymore. Who knows. It may be another guy, or she may just not have any interest in keeping it going any longer.


You love her and think she is amazing, but don't put yourself through the pain of trying to save the relationship. Don't put yourself through that! Get yourself far away from her and her apathy. Maybe she'll realize that she had a loving boyfriend when your not around for her to treat shabbily. Even if she doesn't, you'll be free to find someone who is willing to put the effort into the relationship.


Hoping everything goes in your favor,


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I'm sorry to hear you pain.

I know it and live it too.

She has made it clear.

You are the only one saving what you two have.

Realize you are blinded by your love for her.

Seeing her as amazing when she is not giving you time.


It's time to just go.


Do what you have to do to heal with in reason.

The start of the process is always painful.

You will see your moods change in the way you see her during this time as the love fades for her and you can see again.

I can promise you that much.

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