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Tired every day


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Ok - I am dragging my husband to see the doctor today.


I'm not listening to any more attempt by him to put it off. He tried to give me the "I have a hearing on Monday to prepare for" crap but I know he's NOT preparing for it because just minutes ago he'd confessed to being too tired and uninspired with his job to do anything.


Do I told him it was just crap that he couldn't take 20 minutes out to see the doctor - who works down the road - who I was going to call to make the appointment.


So I've made the appointment. He knows. He's coming.


H has reported feeling tired, practically every day for the past 18 months. You can only explain that (by lack of sleep, lack of exercise, diet, etc) so far. You can't explain it on the days where he'd had enough sleep, and has eaten properly.


He's also feeling very unmotivated and bleak about work and his career and how he feels his expectations are not being met in that area.


So.. i'm dragging him out there in a couple of hours and I soooo hope that the doctor can put him on a path where things get a bit better.


Just wanted to put this out there cause I'm going to feel angsty until the appointment.

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Good for you for making the appointment! It sounds like he could possibly be heading for depression of some kind (lack of motivation and always tired). Hopefully he tells the doctor everything! Make sure you go in with him!!


Yeah.. that's my worry. He's been down that path before.. and its just better to get these things while they are developing rather than when its full fledged depression.


Plus I'm actually a bit concerned about the tired thing. I have a feeling it might not necessarily be connected with the blues. Although of course its the most typical symptom.


But even when he's not blue he's tired. So if he's anemic (sp?) ..or if he needs more iron (is that the same thing? lol) .. or whatever.. it would just be good to have a check up.


More people should have check ups more often. Although I totally understand why they are too afraid to!

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I'd like to know if they find anything about his long term fatigue, because I have been the same way for years. I'm always a zombie, no matter how good I eat or how much i exercise and get good sleep.


Really? And they've never been able to identify a reason? Had any blood tests?


A small part of me thinks that regular exercise could really help him.. but the bigger part of me thinks that if he tried to exercise he'd just collapse with exhaustion given how tired he says he is and how tired he looks. Although the "tired he looks" part .. looks more like feeling depressed than anything else.




But I'm not a doctor.. neither is he.. so instead of debating what it could or could not be together.. why not just see the professional? Esp in a country where you have medicare (free doctors) and it doesnt even cost us anything.

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