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Advice about girl at work


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So there's this girl at my job name Lauren, man o man I get butterflies just watching her, being around her talking to her. she started working at my job about 3 months now, and I think she's picked up on me being overly nice to her and so on. The thing is I'm a little shy, and I can't just go up to someone and talk, takes me a while to warm up to them, but from the moment I saw her, everyday I would make the point to say hi, start little conversations here and there. After work she usually takes the same train as I do, and I would never go up to her, up until about a month and half ago she decided to come over and now we take the train together after work everyday.


The whole time we need taking the train she never mentioned she had a boyfriend. she told me about her sisters, her family and so on but not her BF. I found out about him when I made friends with her on facebook, and even then she still did not bring him up. Lately, I realized she's getting a little touchy. Like we'll be talking and i make a joke and she laughs and touchs my leg, or touch my arms. she complements the way i dress, and I asked her on facebook that we should hang sometime and she said sure. the next day at work she asked me what I was doing that weekend and I said I'm not sure and she said if you free we should do something. I told her I'd message her on facebook and let her know, and shes like why facebook take my number, I can text or call her anytime I want.


I feel she may be interested, as I'm more then interested in her. I don't get why she hasn't mentioned her BF to me, or is she just looking for a hookup. I just need some advise on this situation

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I don't know anything about facebook, are you sure she has a boyfriend? It seems like she likes you. I personally wouldn't choose to date someone from the workplace, but for many people it works out well. If she has a boyfriend though, keep your distance.

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