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WORRIED -- please help :(


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okay me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex ... i know, stupid. pretty much just asking for it but whatever. he pulled out a good amount before and nothing even came out. i know there's still pre cum but whatever. i then went to mexico for a week at an all inclusive resort and pigged out on greasy food .. i ate more than i ever have in my whole life and on top of it, got food poisoning and began throwing up and the whole nine yards. i was due for my period the day i got back .. and i am now three days late. is there any possibilty i could be late just from stressing out / my sudden change in diet/ lack of exersise? because until mexico i normally workout twice a day and eat healthy. the resort was a BIG change in lifestyle.

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There is a possibility of both. Don't freak out. Give it a few more days then get an EPT and try it. Take 3. If all have the same or some are mixed go to a doctor. If it comes up negative, take 3 more in 2 weeks, then 1 more 2 weeks later if all are still negative you are clear.


You can be late for several reasons, stress and diet changes are just some of that. Pulling out is actually a fairly effective form of birth control according to more recent studies. (before everyone gets hostile about this, read current research).

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Are you going to be getting more realiable birth control? If your not sure what to get, theres lots of sites online that tell you about different methods. Also if you popped in to your GP, they'd also give you advice on what is best for you.


It would save you having another scare like this one.

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