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how do you know when to leave????


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can anyone help me sort out what to do. I am male in a 13 year relationship with 3 beautiful children but have not been getting on with my partner for a while. now its got to the stage where we are not even talking to each other for nearly 2 weeks but still in the same house. everything I do is wrong, or done too late because she is always right and there is no allowance for anyone else. every argument we have is apparently because i have done something wrong. I didn't pick up a bowl or empty the dishwasher at the time she wanted. I am not under any illusion that i am blameless, but I am trying to start a business after loosing my job a few months ago and under immense pressure trying to drum up business. so if i haven't taken in the washing, or there is a dirty bowl on the floor it is not because i am lazy, i am just pre-occupied. I just cant afford to move out and logistically my business is being run from our front room so i cant move it. but it is mainly the money reason i cant move. I have no one to talk too and it is so frustrating when she goes off to discuss our problems with her sisters and mother. i am trying not to breakdown at the moment but not sure how long i can hold it. Anyone any suggestions on what to do???

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Please consider couple's counseling. If you suggest it, it would hopefully come off as you wanting to work on your problems and she would compromise and agree.


It sounds like you are making excuses somewhat. I don't mean to belittle your circumstances as I understand that being jobless and trying to start a business is inevitably a huge strain on your personal life. Maybe she feels alienated. Have you invited her into that part of your life? Even if just by telling her how you feel about it?


I'm not sure of your history, but being female, it sounds like she feels like you're shutting out your family life for your business and she needs you back in that part.


I could be completely out of line, but try other options before leaving. Setting everything aside and calmly talking may be a good start. Be open to fixing your problems instead of running away.

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I don't know what the hell is up with some people I swear to the ord I don't!!! She has a man that apparently truly loves and adores her and is trying his best to better their finanical position and she nags and stresses him out for trying his best to get on.


I swear that the good guys get the evil women and the good women get the wicked men.

PRAY and try to remain positive.

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