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Heartbroken . . . again


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I have a special talent! I get my heart ripped out every summer when I come back from school.. I was talking to a girl I met through a mutual friend that knew I really liked her and she seemed to be giving me positive signals. Naturally, when I ask her out she tells me she wasn't trying to date anyone. As I'm leaving a small gathering late one night, just as I'm at the door, she kisses some dude in front of me. As of the next day they were in a relationship. *big deep breath*. Damnit.


I'm gonna do lots of things to keep me sane. cross your fingers for me friends

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I think the "I don't want to date anyone right now" is a line that alot of people use to gently tell someone they're not interested. I know that it hurts to feel rejected like this, but try not to let it get to you. It isn't a reflection on who you are, it's just about the type of person she's attracted to.


Keep trying Maybe you'll meet a great girl when you return to school.

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I didn't put "so much" into it, I just got hurt like a regular human being would. Thanks for the uplifting advice to all, though.


I know it's hard not to be defensive, but it really is useful advice to not put so much of your heart into someone you aren't dating and never dated.

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