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Proper to contact girl I'm interested in on Myspace?


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Last summer, two very nice, attractive girls showed up at the local ballroom one night. I danced and talked with them a bit, but only really enough to catch their names and majors. I stepped out at one point, and while I was outside they left. They both waved at me on their way out, which I took as a good sign. Unfortunately, I didn't see either of them the rest of summer.


Six months later, one of them was in my dance class. She didn't remember me specifically, but we got to know each other better over the semester. At the last dance I asked her out (very casually / informally) and she basically said no. She did, however, introduce me to her roommate, who was the other girl I had met last summer. We got to talk a little bit again, but not much. After the first dance, another girl asked me to dance, and I wasn't able to make my way back to the roommate before the evening ended.


Well, it's been a couple of months now, but I recently came accross this roommate's Myspace profile. Would it be too weird to add her as a friend? Honestly, the only reason I know her full name is because of the first girl's Facebook (the one in my dance class). I typically wouldn't even consider this, but since I would rarely see her at dances, I'm afraid that in my last year of college I wouldn't see her otherwise. Still, the idea of asking a girl out online, or even just getting to know her better, seems a bit foreign to me, but I am willing to give it a try. Any pointers?


Or, should I just forget about her?

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I concur. Don't ask her out for a date straight off the bat, but send her a message about how you guys had met & your mutual friend from your dance class.


Honestly, you have a smaller chance of getting her to go out with you since you already asked her friend. And trust me, you will come up in a conversation between them when you remind her you hung out with both of them. This girl will probably mention you to her friend you had the dance class with, and that girl will tell her you tried to ask her out too and she said no. I would probably not date someone who already asked out my friend. It would make me think that this guy would date anything with boobs and I will only date someone if they at least showed the slightest degree of selection in choosing me, too. Not to mention, if she thinks your friend doesn't see you as dating material, she will probably not want to appear as though she has lower standards, and thus means she is less attractive than her friend. It is a distinct possibility, just so you know.


You never know; it might work. But I would highly recommend spending a significant amount of time just having conversations with her before asking her out. Good luck!

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