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Not stopping when i get hurt...?


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my bf and i were playing fighting/tickling one another etc etc and he said once that one day he is going to break my arm. he is much much stronger than me... he was joking when he said it.


ive noticed, if he ends up getting hurt one way or another, everythign will stop. we stop 'play fighting/tickling'. and end up jsut sitting back down and watching tv...


BUT if im the one who gets hurt he continues to tickle me... ive hit my head on the wall and on the floor...with a bang but he continues to tickle me even if its obvious that it hurt.


ive only noticed it recently...


what do u make of it? nothing or something?

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no.. coz i dont know if its somethign worth bringing up. ive only recently picked up on it. he got hurt, not badly, barely at all, but he was all like 'poor little me'... and yet when i get hurt, bang my head, when he has his arm around me and i cant breathe - and i say i cant - he doesn't stop...


he might just get carried away...


came here mainly to see if other people have had the same and its just a 'in the moment' type thing.

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You need to bring it up. He might really hurt you someday.


Either a) he knows he's hurting you and doesn't really care.

or b) he doesn't realise he's hurting you so carries on.


Set up a safety word that when you say it, he knows that he has to stop immediately. (And, of course, if he doesn't dump him because it's abuse and only going to get worse.)

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