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was i dating a serial monogamist or worse?

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I dated this person for about 3 years.I was hesitant to get emotionally involved with this person at first because of some of the things i heard about her past relationships.She was in a lesbian relationship for 2 years before we got together then suddenly split it off apparently for no reason leaving her partner clueless as why.She has always been in a so called "serious relationship"for about a year or two then suddenly breaks it off and is with another person in a matter of weeks or a few months.


I went against my gut feeling and decided to give this person a chance after the first month or two of dating,she said she loved me after two weeks. I don't think she even ever had her own place before. She was subletting from a friend when we first met and from what i gathered she just always moved in with her boyfriends,she had no personal furniture,bed, etc... only clothes and her records and this person was 33 at the time.


In our relationship we got along great she is smart,sweet and seemed like she genuinely cared about me and i really grew to love her but i also saw a lot of red flags by some of the things she would say like if she doesn't think things are working she just splits out,that translated to me that if we went through a "rough patch" in the relationship that she was good as gone.


long story short she ended up cheating on me about 5 months in,I gave her a second chance.We continued to date and were on again off again during the three years.we broke up one time and she immediately started hanging out/dating this one guy i knew for over a month.i had no idea this was happening and when we got back together i found out and she said she had some "fantasy"that this guy was me the whole time they were going out, I was like * * * and thought she should be on meds.Alot of other weird bizarre behavior happened with this girl too much to write down.


She had a weird childhood growing up she was a affair baby so she never really had a dad.Her mom would pick up and move from place to place and would write guys in the federal penitentiary and ended up marrying two of them all ending in divorce.


So i guess my question is was this a serial monogamist or a person that needs serious psychological help,my guess probably both. btw after we broke up she got with a guy within 3 months and lives with him now.

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Ditching someone for someone else even though things are going fine to jump over to what they think is greener pastures for a while.

When the pastures had dried up of all it's got to give and start to cut her skin, comes comes jumping back over to the fence where the pasture gives her comfort.


I bet you still feel for her despiute her pathetic immature behaviour.


This time you have to listen to your mind despite what your heart is telling you.


I know it's a tough battle.


Take care.

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yeah there are alot of things i miss about her but at the same time she is really screwed up inside.

I dont think she is really a bad person just someone that is ruled by their issues and gets in and out of relationships to deal with her problems because she can't do it on her own.

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