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Are her parents a litle weird or what!?.....

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well im not sure if Ive put this in the right category please correct me if it's wrong...


I'm going to give the story so everyone knows what's going on then get your opinion on something.


So, me and my ex havn't been together now for about 4 months, we still talk, laugh with each other and still love each other which is a good thing. but I broke up with her cause I didn't really have much of a choice. Let me explain...

Me and my ex had been together about 16 months and had been experimenting with each other sexually. She had a diary type thing between her and a friend at school that she only saw every so often so They'de write down what they had been up to in the last few weeks. Well my ex decides to put in there what we had been doing and her mom comes accross it and reads every last bit. Talk about trust issues....

Her mom confronts her about it and they ask me to come over to talk about it and so I did cause I'm a man I'm not just gunna be like oh well it was a good run. So I get yelled at and told how horrible Ive screwed up and told by her parents, and I quote "It wouldn't bother us at all if you were out of her life!" they had also found out I'd been smoking cigs which we kept a secret also cause I'd been trying to stop and they ragged me out about that too. Granted I do go to church which is where I met her, I do realize that by the biblical principles taught to me I DID screw up, but they made it seem alot bigger than it really was. The things we did yes were immoral right now because we aren't married duh, but if we were, then in the eyes of God there is no problem with it we just decided to do it to soon, i'm sure everyone can agree being a teen is hard and because of the way the media practically promotes this stuff it's kinda hard to just turn away from it.


So I ask her, "well maybe we should just take some time apart till this kinda blows over, so we just end up breaking up and she thinks I've bailed on her. Another note, she didn't stick up for me at all but didn't put all the blame on me, the reason she didn't is because her mom practically programmed all the bad things I'd done and was dead set on not forgiving so in a way I guess she felt the same way and that it would have no impact on her parents. well come to find out about a month later, me and her are still depressed missing each other still txting and all that good stuff, she tells me one night "My mom was starting to come around, and then you bailed on me. They wanted to see if you'd actually come through and stick by my side but you didnt..." So I was like What the hell, they tell me I can't see you anymore then say it woulda been ok if I had stuck around? so now they defiantely won't let us be together.I still see her every week, things are good between us and the parents even still talk to me. but shes met this new guy, thats great I'm happy for her, as long as he treats her right. But she told me "well he likes to drink ALOT!" and I know her parents wouldn't approve, RIGHT???? well she tells me now they are dating today and that her parents are just ignoring that they heard that and are leaving it up to her to try and change him around. So my question is,


How can they just ignore the fact he's a big partier when they know I loved her enough to share intimate moments with her and just kick me out of her life? also he's 19 not even legal to be drinking. atleast I was legal to smoke, and legal to have sex. They are HUGE christian people and this doesn't seem to be the christian thing to do. Does the bible not say "Do not be drunk unless you are drunk of the Holy Spirit" ????? yet they are now letting this guy date their daughter. Sure I smoked and we had intimate moments, but she loved me with her whole heart and so did I!!! Why are they doing this to their daughter when she was so happy, then just ruin her life and make her move on from one of the most important parts of her life? How is this guy going to be any better than me when he's out drinking and has sex with some girl he don't know or even remember? atleast I'm not a drinker..... you know I'm all for her finding a new guy I don't really care, but her parents told her she should date him when they know he drinks. What kind of parent is that...... I know theres not really much advice that can be giving soo I'm pretty much blowing off steam but any view points would or agreements would be nice to hear... sorry this is long.



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Well they do seem very backward, I hope she's over the age of 18? If she is then she really should have more courage in front of her parents. They dont have a right to rule her life anymore.


Is it possible that she's lying about this new guy?

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