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Yesterday, seemed everywhere I went I ran into A holes. My god.. has our town become THAT bad????


Apparently so.... I went off to the Arts District.. Wow.. how arty! NOT!

Decided cuz it was sunny i;d take a walk down the street.. Man, it was like walking thru the projects or an end of town they were planning on tearing down.

SO UN-feng-shui it was... Suddenly this black kid comes zooming by on a skateboard behind me and scares me to death! Good thing he was just passing by, that wud be a good way to rob someone, really!



well, then after my little walk, thought I;d try to find more pleasant surroundings. Found this shop selling pottery and such and they had a nice garden in the back of their lot.

There was even a nice brick path back there, but no sign.. Private, don;t enter.. or that sort of thing..


So. i go back there and there;s some nice flowers.. a few.. a couple of rose bushes they never got even around to planting.. I;d be embarassed to have a public garden and not be taking things out of their pots..


Then I came around to a sectino they were growing veggies. always fascinated by this, as i;m horrible at growing veggies.. Flowers.. I rock, but veggies, nto my cup of tea..

they had a really robust cherry tomato plant and it looked so luscious I took one... hey.. they are the size of a cherry.. not a regular tomato.. that I wouldn;t have done...

When suddenly I hear this voice.. OH, PLEASE, DO NOT PICK THE VEGETABLES, WOULD YOU PLEASE???!?! in this mean-spirited hostile voice.


Boy, that;s a good way to generate business and good will. After that I decided I didn;t want to get ANYTHING from the art district. F them!

All the new people who move into our town are such arrogant rude idiots!


Like me taking a cherry tomato is going to set them back months! I mean, really... that is just so inhospitable.. if they felt THAT way about it, put up a sign...Or put up a fence and not allow the general public to come onto your lot that has a garden on it...


Went then to get gas uptown.. I have been to this gas station dozen & dozens of times. I HAD to use the bathroom. Parked my car in front of the pump.. thinkign i;d only be a second or two. Go to use the bathroom, it;s locked, I knocked, hear this snotty voice saying WHAT DO YOUUU want?


well, lady it IS a public restroom... it;s POSSIBLE others need to use the bathroom too. This middle-aged woman comes walking out with this sour look on her face!

we have the biggest jerks in the country moving to our area..

when I got done with the bano, I went to get gas.. there were these two rude guys from the electric company asked if it was my car in front of the pump.


I mean really, I had pulled to farther pump so others could use the back pump.... just cuz they had a huge truck, doesn;t mean I should of been forced to move my car..

They actually asked me, Are you going to be getting GAS TODAY???? in this really snippy sarcastic tone?


I replied, YES, I am...and was equally snotty BACK at em.. F them.. they sure didn;t mind making me wait like 2 months to remove a tree from near my house that was about to fall on my car, and refusing to do ANYTHING about it, even though it was about to fall on the electrical pole!

I just paid BEACOUP bucks to, to those bandits.. $104 for the month of June¡ What the F is that about???

I heard the electric bills were going up, but that was like 25%....

Finally went to the grocery store, ran into some older guy and his son who asked if I was going to run into him with his cart!

I asked why on earth would I do that? I guess he ran into many rude people that day too and we got talking about how rude our town has become!

At least he was pleasant.. I love that grocery store.. people are so nice down there.. it;s not a fancy place, au contraire, but cheap and good deals and MELLOW! I hate the one accross town, that;s got a cashier with a earring thru her nose, makes me want to puke on the spot when I go to pay for my groceries.. The managers is a prik too.....thinks he;s hot chit, but he;s just a punk!


Well, poor dog, it was raining when I got home so couldn;t even walk him! I was in such a foul mood, I am afraid I took it out on him.. started yelling at him when he got into the garbage.. Poor guy.. he didnt; deserve it..

Then the computer was all fouled up too, took forever to get my chit done... what a day...

well, little nicer today.. i;m glad.. I;m getting my hair cut finally and some other stuff done...

Had a lot of weird dreams last nite. probably due to all the nasty rude people I ran into yesterday. I need to see aobut getting the hell out of this town.

It sucks * * * * here.. no jobs.. people rude as can be... too much traffic.. too expensive to even survive... they can have this place...


Who needs this much hassle? I think I wud rather live in the busiest city in our state than put up with this garbage.

I was thinking of moving the next county over, it gorgeous over there, and so much free stuff to do... I love it there... People are MUCH mellower over there too..

Not so many weirdos either!

well, that;s my thoughts for now...

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