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ENAners' comments, please on "Men are from the Mars, Women are from the Venus"


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The book is so well known and I am yet to read it.


I am curious what our ENA members who have read the book think about it.


Is it truly a very good relationship gude book, judging from your experiences?


Thank you in advance.

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I wouldn't take my relationship advice from someone who has been married 8 times. He either has borrowed and annotated information from other places, or his own advice doesn't work. I think the book had an intriguing title, and because his wife at the time was also in the self help field, it made it a best seller.


There are far better books out there about relationships.

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I didn't like that book due to all of the stereotyping it does. I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to understanding "men" or "women".


It is an overall pleasant read though- but I find it to be something to read for frivilous fun (like a magazine), and not really anything that is thought-provoking or intellectual. It's not someting I let guide my interactions with or conclusions about others.

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I've read it a couple times and found that there are alot of points that make sense. I will admit it opened my eyes to some things I do or say that my not be interpreted the way I mean them by my SO (which explains alot of times he looks at me like I've lost it And I also realized why he does some of the things he does, that when he pulls away sometimes that I shouldn't be taking it personal, that he just needs some time to himself.


And there alot of points that are more comical then make sense. There are also sections that I skipped over and found not interesting at all.


I think it is a interesting book to read but not one to base a persons whole relationship on.

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I read the first couple of chapters, skipped around it a bit, and put it back thinking, "what an "f*ing" waste of time that was."

While I know the male "mind" crippling difficult to understand, I doubt that all men are created equal.

And, all women for that matter.

Figuring out one, won't open your eyes to understand another.

I would find it difficult to not be offended if someone I was dating compared me to a chapter in this expensive binding of toilet paper, as though he suddenly understood what I meant last night when I said "I just want to be alone".

Grab something on "human" nature and not "Man" nature if you feel like you need to peak into someones real intent in a relationship.

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