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Someone you hardly know, but want to get to know?

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Best Way to Explore a City in One Day - Murcia, Spain

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Ok, here goes.


I recently went on a trip to see my friend who lives 6hrs away on a plane, and I spent the week there and had a lot of fun.

He was working through the day, so I planned a few trips myself to pass the time he was busy at work..


One day, I take a Bus Tour that guides you round the city. So, I meet a Girl on this bus. Me being a shy guy, just sit accross from her not talking, then she asks me if she has sun burn on her back and I say 'she does'. I speak to her for a little bit and find her interesting, but I decide to get off the bus quite fast as I didn't know the stop was coming that I planned to get off and say ''Bye''.


So, I meet a guy on the Bus in the afternoon (it's one of those Open Top Bus Tours for Tourists) and I meet this guy who also knows the girl, a colleague of her's.


So, here's the dilema..

I added him on facebook as a friend, and he knows her but she's not on it..


Do I look like a madman if I ask him for her contact details? Does she think I'm mad for trying to contact her after a week, of basically a short conversation?


I'm not usually like this at all, but it's driving me up the wall thinking that I didn't do anything or ask for her email,phone or contact.


and finally, what if she only asked about her sunburn on her back, not as a conversation started but as an actual concern of hers.


Thanks for reading,

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