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Baby-faced late bloomer?


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When we were at Mass yesterday I noticed many of the boys in my son's school class were already growing facial hair and their voice's were changing. They are also a good four inches taller than him. He is about 9 months younger than most of his class, does that really make that MUCH a difference?? It might be mostly genetics maybe.....he is small, a good number of the girls are larger than he is and there are grade 4's that are bigger than him too. Maybe he is going to be a late bloomer?

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My lil cousin was short and then one day, bam, he was taller than me! Some ppl go thru growth spurts earlier than others. Up until 5th or 6th grade I was a normal height and then somewhere btwn 14-16 I grew to 5'9. So dont worry.

I also think the hormones in our food causes some children to mature earlier. Thats just my theory tho.

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prob get a growth spurt a little late... i went from 5,8 to 6,1 from the summer of 7th and 8th grade...


My son is NOWHERE even close to that height but he will be in grd 7 in Sept.......He is 4'10" now in grade 6 and only wears a size 3 shoe. He is a tiny boy.

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