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No idea why I had this reaction... any thoughts?


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So, 2 nights ago my boyfriend was on the phone with his roommate/best friend of 7 years. His roommate was hanging out with my boyfriend's completely crazy, no good ex. I guess whatever his roommate said to him made him think he was into the girl, because he said "hey man, if the opportunity comes up, I won't be mad if you two hook up." He meant it, and both the roommate and the ex were very drunk.


So yesterday, my boyfriend gets home, and starts talking to me about work, and says "Oh, yeah so Roommate and Ex hooked up, and Ex did blah blah blah to him, too," and kind of laughs and keeps talking about the roommate and how he looked really hung over today. But, for some reason, the second he told me and it registered... I felt like I was going to puke! The room spun, I couldn't see straight, and I felt so so sick. He kept talking about other stuff, and I know him well enough to know it didn't bother him at all, but then why was I so upset??


And no, I don't have any feelings for the roommate. I think that might be part of it... I see him as so asexual, to think of him doing anything like that doesn't process. But my boyfriend wanted to be all romantic around an hour later and I told him I couldn't, because it was still bothering me.




ANY ideas why a reaction would be that intense? It wasn't jealousy, I was genuinely repulsed! I just can't figure it out...

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You know, that might be it. She was highly abusive, and I just can not stand her.


I remember after my boyfriend and I were back together for like 5 months, we went out to a party for christmas. The girl he dated while we were broken up was there and she was being really slimy. She got drunk, was hanging on one of his good friends that had returned from the army, and was being really loud and kind of an attention seeker.


It really bothered me and I wanted to put her in her place. She cheated on him with two guys at the same time. She just bothers me. It didn't seem to bother him at all though. He was happy that his friend who had been on a sub for 7 months was getting some action and was happy for him. He told me he's embarrassed he ever dated her and doesn't care what she does.

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