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What do you think of this...

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Not sure if a dream question should go here, but since it was my mind that created it....


I way overslept my alarm today (and I'm already late for work, so what the heck) and I had one of those dreams that happen right at the end of sleep and just wondering what you all thought of it


I don't remember hardly any details, but I had two personas..not pathological, but kinda like Mylie Cyrus/Hannah Montanna. BUT.. my two personas were exactly alike. I didn't change anything from me to the other.. no wigs, no clothing changes, no personality differences.... nothing. Yet... I was two different people... on the schedule at work, both of my names were there, same shift, we each worked 20 hours. We had the same friend pool, we did the same things. At the end of my dream, on friend said to me... have you ever noticed you never see livi and 'persona 2' at the same time.


Now is this a profound dream that I may want to pay attention to? I feel like it is, but I can't quite put my finger on why. Or is it just plain silly?


I'll be interested in hearing your reponses.

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The most disturbing thing to me was that you know who Hanna Montana is! LOL


Actually, I see this as very profound. We are taught from birth to see things in contrasts, and opposites. We see good/bad, light/dark, male/female. Ad nauseum.

If you consider the symbol for the Tao, it helps to integrate this perception into the reality.


It looks like a black and a white tadpole chasing each other. The colors represent the dichotomy that we have been taught. But note the white dot in the black tadpole, and vice versa. This represents that the seed of white is in black, and vice versa.


Also consider that when you step back, the two part are a whole. That is the reality.


So what does this have to do with your dream? It's about integration. Understand you are both good and evil. You are both male and female. (Not your parts, but your true self).


You are seeing this dichotomy, as two people, but the fact that they look exactly alike, and behave alike means that for all these contradictions, it's still one Livi.


It also means you ARE bi, not sexually, but in the sense that all people are all things.


Taking it a step further, you may see EVERYONE as Livi, or Livi as everyone.


Hope that isn't too much rambling.

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Very spiritual, Beautiful, Very deep, mirrors my views on life exactly...All life originates from one source, whether you call it god, budda, or the univeral life force..therefore, all life is one and the same....male and female, light and dark, good and evil...

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Thanks for answering guys...


I'm pretty familiar with my dreaming... the unconscience mind is a terrible thing to waste! Under normal circumstances, this dream would have meant nothing to me. Dreams that end up having importance in my life are in vivid color and I remember every last detail. This was a bland dream, that is very sketchy, yet I think it's trying to tell me something, just not very sure what.


I like N/Z's thoughts. I am a very open and accepting person. I don't choose the people to be in my life by a set criteria.. other than I can't stand foul odors and bad hygiene in general. But I want to get to know people for who they are and how they tick, their outer shell means very little to me.

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