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shutdown nicely? can someone tell me their advice


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Ok about 3 Months ago, I met this girl through a group of mutual friends....

I barely knew her, and I ended up adding her on facebook... the next day I saw her Facebook status

it said "Im bored":


So I messagedher and said "hey lets goto the mall, I have some arins to run." she said sure, and we ,met up, I got her number and we hung out.

Keep in mind i barely see her cuz im so busy with things and her friends are pretty much my old friends, I like them so no worries there...

after that I saw her here and thre, i'd text and call her so its cool.


Then I lost touch for about a month. I slowly started with texting then facebook then phone...

She just broke up with her boyfriend they went out for a year, but while she was chilling with me she and him broke up... I basically started to know her after her break up.


I sent her a text message saying "Ican picture us dating in the future, do ... at that point she took a day to reply, she said she left her phone in her girlfriends car... but atleast she replied. she said "I just got out of a relationship,so I dont know.. so ya" , I replied with "yeah I understand".


Nothing was awkward about that message.. We still continued to talk and last week, she was with her friend who is a girl an they were chiloing at her house.

She stays up late so at 2am she returns my call, I talked for a bit then said im tired so im gonna goto sleep, she said ok...and ended the call, at 4am i get a text saying "are you up?" .. i repleid the next day cuz i was sleeping.


then the week after itook a while cuz i was busy to respond to antoher text and she said "my god, u take so long to reply" and we continued.

then the day after which was yesterday we were talkin about school, and stuff and i said "i'll pick her up in an audi r8 when im done gradding, if i get that car " she said "LOL Dayum do it up =P. But she also said that when i said something else to her like after I grad i'll start with 50k, which i was excited and she said "do it up".


Since that text... she hasnt replyied much....


I texted her sayin "You up"? she didnt reply till 11am the next day... BUT her facebook status at 2am said she cannot sleep... but i called her at 1am.. so i dunno.


I even texted her yesterday sayin hey do u wanna goto the mall (yesterday) .. no reply.... so i dunno what too do.........




she knows im interested, so balls in her court.... any advice?

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"hey lets goto the mall, I have some arins to run."


"Arins"? Haha.


Okay, here's how I see it. You way more into her than she is into you. When you texted her about seeing you two dating in the future she probably didn't leave her phone in her friend's car, she probably didn't know how to respond. Also, you're contacting her too much, especially when she's not replying to you - it's coming accross as somewhat needy, which isn't attractive. Also, it implies you're basing much of your life on this one girl, which shouldn't be a way to live.


As I usually say: forget about her, go out and meet more girls.

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At this point, how long has it been since she and her ex split up?


It sounds like she knows you're someone she can talk to and someone that will be there for her, since you announced your interest in her. But I agree with Yanet, I don't think she's into you the same way you're into her. From your story, it doesn't sound like she's made any initiative as far as wanting to date you or be anything more than a friend.


Because she just got out of a relationship, if you really want to pursue things with her, just be her friend and see where it goes. Don't bring up dating, just keep it platonic and if she wants more with you once she's completely over her past relationship, she'll be the one to let you know.

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I think its been like 4 months, yah im doin my own thing, i dunno if shes interested, but she still hasnt replied but its all good, im lettin it be, i wont msg her for a long time, just focus on my things, I wanted to pursue her but i dunno..


He friend told me she really picky, and its not worth it but i dunno... should i let it be

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