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3rd date, what should happen?


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2nd date went very well.


It seems like we really hit it off, we held hands, we kissed.


I need suggestions of what to do next on a 3rd date. So far, we've gone to a movie, and done restaurants and bar hopping. Any ideas of what can be done on a 3rd date?

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the beach (depends where u are), bowling, dvd night in, ice-skating, or the zoo? those would be fun, and somewhere you can probably have a laugh with one another. It also gives you an opportunity to see what they are like (e.g in iceskating, unless they can skate, they'd fall down. will they get upset etc, or laugh it off etc).

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maybe a week?

and maybe just a dvd night (if that's the direction you want to take it ;-))

or maybe a trip out bowling or something easy + relatively low cost (combined with a bite to eat)


for my first 3 dates we walked around town talking; when we were hungry we stopped to eat, but we generally just used the time to get to know eachother. Went down extremely well.

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