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Woke up in a bad position....

Delusional Kisses
the worst has happened | Isolating ...
the worst has happened | Isolating in a Motorhome

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I went to spend the weekend with my BFF (and love of my life if you haven't read any of my posts yet). One night, we went out drinking with his male BFF. We were in a truck with my BFF driving, me in the middle and the other guy in the passenger seat. On the way home after quite alot of drinking, I fell asleep. My head must have fallen onto the passenger's shoulder and he puled me in close to him. When I was jarred awake by my BFF, I had my head buried in the guys chest, his arm was wrapped around me and my hand was resting securely between his legs. I didn't say a word about it at all, but its been bothering me since. Is that foolish? I don't recall most of the night, but have had a few flashbacks that have made me cringe.

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