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Either you run with the big dogs, or stay on the porch


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I'm showing him how to cook tonight...great banter! The testesterone starts flowing ( his). Decides to take the " old man" down a notch....


We cleared the kitchen, laid down the rules...no biting, scratching, etc.


It ended up with him in a full body lock. Wanna say "Uncle"?


Move closer to the cat food tray.


Wanna say Uncle?



Cat food tray under his nose.


Wanna say "MEOW?"


U N C L E !




WE enjoyed the dinner together, got some testerone out there, and established the pecking order again.

And no hard feelings!


Maybe I got a clue about how this 14 year old thing works.

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Enjoy it while you can. It won't be long before it is your nose hovering over the cat food dish.


I SOOO told him that tonight!

I know, plus we're working out together. And don't think he's not sorer than I am...OUCH!

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lmao..unfortunately till this day my dad still wins the wrestling fights. =(

but he still goes to the gym everyday and still bench presses more than me

he is 5'10 215..im 6'1 230


and mom says were not aallowed to fight in the house anymore because it sounds like

there is an eathquake


but trust me, all the small things with my dad that he might not remember, i always do and think about all the good times and stories we have..we still do but you know....like someone said, enjoy these times,,enjoy all the good times.

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