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staying away from realtionships


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I recently thought I had been ditched by a guy I was dating.......but it gets even better......he called me from the hospital the other day.......which in a way made me feel good because he hadn't actually ditched me, he had just been in the hospital. The catch is that when I went to the hospital........he was in the psych ward.......nice.......he was in there because had been arrested for trafficing drugs and apparently is claiming insanity, to opt out of going to jail.........wonderful........he told me all about his drug dealing ways and then had the nerve to look at me and say, "I am the kinda of guy you biuld a life with".. All I could do was laugh.....I mean honestly, are you kidding me." Yes that just what I need a drug dealer boyfriend, sure load up the drama in my life...........that would be just great!!

There is something about me that attracts drug dealers, alcoholics and me with crimianal records.

I don' t stay with these guys, I break it off as soon as I find out, but my god, it makes me more and more leary every single time. I have never been the type to do drugs, I don't even drink. I just don't get why these kind of people are attrated to me. Why can't they just be attracted to their own kind and leave me alone.

It makes me feel like doing a criminal record check on a first date.

So I believe I will be staying away from relationships for awhile, maybe go do some counseling to figure out why I am attracting such a loser bunch of guys


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Hmmm, that is unlucky but by walking you're doing the right thing.

Maybe you should volunteer for some group or something...start attending church...putting yourself in a really clean group of people and maybe you'll find the right guy. At least then if he turns out the be less than perfect...it'll probably just mean he's not overly religious and hogs the quilt, which in turn would make him perfect!

Seriously though, I'm sorry for your disasters in dating but don't give up. Sit back, relax and think of yourself and your well being - a better guy will find you. Make new friends, try something new...


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Just make those some of the first questions u ask people you see. i was asked if i smoked or drank the day i first texted a girl. She clearly knew what she did not want and was not going to waste any time on losers who did not qualify.


Although, for females, they say when u stop looking for love, and for the right person, it finds you. =/

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