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Not again :-(


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Ooops I didn’t mean to sound so aggressive but as I was reading and writing as I was being stood up by a man who had gone to great details to get my number and ask me out and then stand me up – disappearing off the face of the earth!!


This is not the first time that has happened to me either! I was angry at the time of writing so I hope I did not offend anyone...sorry.


I too just do not understand it but I am absolutely over it and sick of someone else having so much control over the way I feel. Know what I mean?

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I think he is genuine. Sure people do lie.. but I really think given the background, he was being honest. He was super keen, and then the very next day he dropped off the face of the earth.. I'm sure it was a good reason - hence I do believe him.


Anyway give him a go and you'll find out hun! Don't be suspicious, just see how it all goes.


Good luck and let us know how it goes.



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Yeah i guess so guys. I will see what happens. I have my doubts about him now - haven't even met him yet. I just find somethig odd about him, but i will work it out and let you know. He is acting a bit strange. I had to cancel on him and rearrange for lunch instead and since i did that he hasn't been texting me much plus he texted me a message by mistake by say whats up trouble ? i have just been asked out by an older woman then i reply thinking the text is for me then you replies back sorry the text wasn't for you. But thats what he used to text me hey trouble. I think he must be talking to other woman too.

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Skyblue, it's ok if he is talking to other women and if he is even going on other dates - that is the nature of online dating - people keep their options open because no amount of online chemistry guarantees a real-life connection. I used to be like you and want the guy to only focus on me, even in the email / chat stages - because that is what I did, focused on one at a time.. Then I got myself overinvested in a guy only to be disappointed when one, either or both of us didn't like each other in person and it was back to the drawing board. Now I keep my options open, email a few at once, arrange dates with a few in a close timeframe and then decide which I like - that's how you have to play the online dating game unfortunately.



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girls, girls have you read the great book "why men love bi*%$es" ? I higly recommend it

also "he's just not that into you"

People are people and therefore complicated BUT when a guy wants you there aren't that many mixed messages..

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Skyblue, I am sure he is being honest, people dont make up stories about deaths in the family. Give him a chance, even if it takes him a while to make plans (he is grieving). So there you go, sometimes we read into these things as rejection when really there is a perfectly valid explanation. (In my case, he just ditched me - he apologised stating he lost his phone, but made no effort to make it up to me.)


Anyway hun, good luck!





Well, there *was* that Stephen Ireland fellow who plays for Man City


Not that it's any of my business but I do agree with Ammy; OP should be prepared to give benefit of the doubt initially. If OP's profile pic is accurate and they had been successfully conversing online then, well, for me it'd take wild horses etc


Just my 2 pence worth (or cents, as those toy Euro coins are worth about the same nowadays!)


Good luck with the voyage, SkyBlue1.

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Just an observation from reading on a little more - Ammy gives good advice


Like a good court case and lawyers' teams etc, skyblue gives compelling evidence for suspicious activity (!) then Ammy makes the point about online dating and the 'options open' scenario.


Seriously, that's something I wouldn't really have considered without reading it - good stuff, Ms.


Well, that's my prolific post rate sent to super-high levels so I'll bow out gracefully now(but not before commenting how using those little emoticon things can be like riding on a knife's edge - I managed to select 'mad' after spotting it looking quite the cheery fellow, but caught my error before I unwittingly abused Ammy, for no good reason in my opening line......)



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