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How low can they go.......

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Been with the ex 3 years.


Since the breakup 2 months ago, we have gone from quite regular contact in the first month. I even stayed round hers once. To very brief LC in the second month. She bought me a christams present, and so did i.


New years day was her birthday. just sent her a simple happy birthday text, which she thanked me for. Then i cut off contact for a while, for her to text me again. To which i replied a few days later.


Another few days pass she sent me a msg on messenger saying "so do we not talk at all now" and signed off.


We have another chat on MSN, i find out that she found her friend trying to commit suicide. which shook her up quite a bit.


5 days later she starts to chat on MSN with her initiating alot of the conversation and being chatty and friendly.


Anyway tonight after a while of NC. I just drop her a text message. Heres how it goes. Trying to keep it light and friendly.


ME "Hi, how are u x"


HER "Im ok, how are u x"


ME "Im ok, hows your uni work x"


HER "Its good, very stressful tho"


ME "You should try meditating"


HER "ah right. Ive replaced meditation with sex, works alot better. Thanks for the advice though



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Ouch. Well check her out. Did you respond? My response would have been... "Well congratulations. I hear it also works better then meditation for making babies."



I texted my ex over Christmas. My goodbye was something like, "Say hi to Santa for me." Her response was, "I've been way too naughty to deserve any presents this year." Uh huh.


I can't even imagine saying something like that to an ex, any ex. I couldn't even say something like that to a friend. At that point, you may as well just take out a billboard on the freeway showing off your pride to every passerby for getting banged so often.


"Hey, how are you? It's been awhile."


"Oh me? I'm great! I met someone and they are putting their penis inside me all the time until I orgasm. How about you?"


"Oh, I guess I meant that more generically like 'how are the folks' or 'how is your job treating you'. But since we're getting on the level here, and talking intimately, I think you should know that I took a ginormous turd yesterday. Filled up almost the entire toilet. It was a beaut! A beaut I tell you. I thought about taking a pic with my camera phone and sending it to you, but I knew you'd be jealous. Anyway, great to hear from you. Stay classy!!!! xo, me."

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If she is having so much fun and sooooooo much sex how does she have time to tell her ex?


If I was over a guy I wouldn't be telling him I wouldn't care. I would be so into my new guy/s I would be excited, happy and on a high. I certainley wouldn't be thinking about my ex.


I think this is a case of thou dothest protest too much! dont you?


She is clearly wanting a response from you. My ex has tried making me jealous so many times. The best reaction is no reaction. Complete and utter indifference.


I would also go completely No Contact to help with your healing. It will do you the world of good and just frustrate her!


Ignore her childish attempts to hurt you and make you jealous- your bigger than playing games xx

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Jettison, FireInHeaven.


If i was only with her for lets say, a few months. And if i was younger. I would respond by saying something like that. I just couldnt resit it.

I must admit, im trying to resist the urge now. Ive got lots of amunition i could slag her off to high heaven. But i wont do it.





Thanks for your reply.

I agree, that would be the last sort of message id send to an ex.

The message came like a bolt out of the blue, that was the last message i was expecting her to send me. Shes got 6 months left of her degree. She moved an hour away in september. We finished late november.


I wont reply. Its probably made up, it might not be. She knows she will never have it as good as ive given it to her Either way she is probably trying to get me to bite like a crocadile. But i wont give her the satisfaction.



Clemantine Orange


Her phone number is getting deleted as we speak.

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She is either

1.) trying to get a reaction from you

2.) really insensitive

3.) trying to solidify the whole "we are just friends" thing (but not being very classy about it

4.) She thinks you are getting "some" and is trying to feel you out.


I would sooooo NC at this point - who needs this crap


I concur. Go 100% N/C and let the healing begin!





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You think you know somebody, then they pull something as twisted as that.


I still had an ounce of respect for her. But that has all vanished now. Makes you wonder what goes through there minds.


If i was with someone for 3 years, sending a text like that would be the last thing id do.



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Ive actually been feeling quite better after she sent me that. Half of me dosnt seem to care anymore.


Makes you see what they really are, it was still a sickening thing to send to me though. We had only been broken up just over 2 months. After 3 years



Any more thoughts?

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All I Ever Wanted Was to Love You
All I Ever Wanted Was to Love You


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