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Only just realised my stupid mistake


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My ex told me he loved me when we were still together, before we seemed to gradually fall apart.

I didn't say anything. I know that's awful and ridiculous sounding but it's not because I didn't feel that way, I was literally just shy and didn't want to come out with a stupid dismissive sounding line to replace it. I didn't want to respond automatically as it wouldn't sound genuine and I was taken by surprise.


It's something he brought up after we broke up a few times but I didn't really appreciate how hurt he must have been until recently.


Just how badly would you take it? would be enough for you to gradually go off someone?

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He says he doesn't feel like that about me anymore, so I couldn't let myself think like that or I'd go mad. Although he says he's not over me, which I think is a bit of a contradiction.

I just want him to know I did love him, if that were to change things in his perspective I could see a possibility.

I'm in the middle of writing him an apology for my part in the mess, i hope it'll have some effect.

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