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What's up with this guy...? Is he shy?


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So... there's this guy I know. He's in his mid twenties. He follows me around! Hel'll stand behind me, when we run together he runs behind me so that he can hear my conversations with friends and other people (who does this?!)...** note -- we're in a running club so we go running in groups of 10 or more at a time and sometimes people run beside someone and we tend to bunch up and whatnot.


he's invited me to different events and to his birthday party... the b-day was months ago. Finally, months later... we kiss... I made the move. Very quick peck. A fluke, actually!


He's just really hard to read, though. We're friends and I don't want to be too confrontational.


SHOULD I PURSUE SOMETHING WITH THIS GUY? He's caring but there are some aspects of him I don't like. It's like the sexual chemistry is there, the friendship is there... but there's something missing. I'm backing away... is this why I'm still single? Backing away allllllll the time? lol

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This guy sounds a bit creepy. There is no harm in all at backing away from this, even if it's something you do a lot, if you feel there is something *missing*. Don't just go after him because you want to be with someone. Maybe you back away because you've got high standards (which is a good thing)?

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