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I need helpp with signsss!!!


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okay...heres my dilema. i met this beautiful girl in virginia and im from new york. were both 17 and i found myself attracted to her, we went out on a date and i kissed her we tlked and have been tlking since then on myspace and aol. i like her and i told her, thing is, shes still a little stuck on her ex boyfriend but we tlk to each other until the wee hours in the morning and have a lot in common. but i cannot tell if she likes me or not. she invited me to her birthday party which is soon but the signs are kind of obvious but i cannot tell if she likes me the way i do her. please help!!!

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Uh oh.... case of the "my ex did this.... my ex did that... UGH...my Ex..."


She may really like you, but she is clearly not over her ex yet. It's up to you to decide if you can listen to her talk about her ex all the time, because most likely she will continue to * * * * * and rant about how terrible her ex was.


I would say go for it if you can handle the "exsyndrome"

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thank you, your advice seems most relevant. but i tlked to my friend and she said that its a good thng if shes tlking to me until late and i suppose so...but yea i suppose its the ex thing, im sure if we hng out again she'll see different. we both shre the same sense of humor and stuff.

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