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Counseling with an ex


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Well, I have finally gone to a counselor. She was awesome. Have another appointment on the 22nd. My ex and i broke up in late august and its been back and forth back and forth since then, He has moved in and out of the house 3 times. Wanted to spend the holidays together. What a mess. I love him very much and want to work it out. I suggested going to a counselor and he agreed! I gave him the telephone number and he even called and set an apointment up on the 27th of this month(jan).and is even getting off work early to go. He said he is confused and wish he would have never met the other guy. I told him you made a choice to go on the internet and look for someone else. I do want him back but only if he will leave the rebound he is in. I think that him going to a counselor is a great step to getting back together. The counselor specializes in couples therapy and building imago therapy. I think its all a good sign. He has said several times that he is in love with both of us and he wished he would have never met the other guy. What does everyone else think? I think its a great sign that he wants to work it out with us.

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