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lost trust


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i've been with my bf for two years. half of our relationship he was distant,cold,didn't show emotions,even claimed he didn't love me. i stayed with him probably because i loved him,and hoped he would change. suprisingly he did,he started loving me,and i realized he was like that before because he was hurt by his ex.


problem is, now i feel like he used to. i even started to almost hate him. i don't want him around me as much as he wants me,i cannot trust him after such painful start of our relationship,(we almost broke up once because of his emotional unavailability).


although things are good now,he really changed,but so did i. i don't know if i love him anymore,or maybe i'm just afraid of being hurt by him again. or is it just the end of lust and we're just becoming more serious? we talked about it,i don't wanna hang onto our past,but it's there, and is unfortunately affecting me.


has anyone been through this,what do you think i should do? i wanna be with him,but i can't feel the same anymore.

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It's hard to make those kind of feelings come back....maybe set a time limit to how long you're willing to stay in this relationship. If it was good a year, bad a year and now hurtful (you almost hate him...)--how much more time are you going to put in?? Ask yourself why you say "I wanna be with him" if you don't love him anymore.

Best wishes...

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