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Fresh Breath!

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I'm wondering is there anything out there that treat bad breath? When I talk to some people some have really bad breath and some I can't smell their breath at all even when I stand close to them. They wasn't chewing gum or anything.


really: don't use any breath rx and other things. these things dont treat the root cause of your bad breathe. i assume they just kill bacteria or mask bad breathe.


i advised my friend this and he thanked me over and over:

-brush 2x a day.

-use mouthwash if you feel it's necessary.

-floss once in a while at least. (i seem to have teeth which doesn't need much flossing, but i've read you're supposed to floss after every meal? i only seem to need it if i've eating things which get caught in between teeth)

-brush your tongue!! make sure there is no white film on there.

-drink water. dry mouth=produces bad breathe.

-sugar (sweets, sodas specially) produce some bacteria which causes bad breathe. avoid or use sparingly since they make the problem worse.

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