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Does humor glue relationships?

Luke Skywalker

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I've been reading a book from Doc Love called "The System", and on some of the things I've been reading seem to suggest that humor is very important at helping keep relationships together. The minute things get negative, heavy or down, bad things tend to happen. Yet, with a 'humour posture' you can easily deflect something when it's getting too heavy and maintain control by keeping things light, funny and fun.


Now, keep in mind I'm not talking about using humor to attract girls, but using it to KEEP girls rather than experiencing crash and burns or break-ups, etc... According to Doc. Love, humour is part of the 'challenge' concept.


As an acid test of this, I would like to see if it's true by enquiring about the experience of people who are currently in a relationship, or have been in a relationship before. What factor did the element of humor have in keeping that relationship together or making it last longer than it otherwise may have naturally would?

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In my experience...making a woman laugh is gold.


It is gold. If I'm not laughing, I'm not happy and all parties should be worried.


Laughing and sex are the two most important components in my relationships. All of them have failed for one of the 2 reasons.

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oh yes, humor is a true life saver in a relationship.


when a situation gets awful, you can either cry about it or laugh about it. laughing is usually a much better solution -- as long as the laughter is shared by both people involved.


although i am in the process of divorcing my husband of 10 years because of infidelity, what i miss the most about our marriage are all of the happy and funny moments we shared.


one Halloween, we were chaperoning a bunch of teenagers at a haunted house. i got so scared i fell out of the house and rolled down a ramp into a big mud pile. for years after that my husband and i would still laugh about that moment.


i agree with the poster above -- humor and sex are critical factors in a successful relationship.

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