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texting or calling daily to much?


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I was just wondering if every day was too much? most of the time i get a response but one day she didnt text back, at all. the next day i text and she responded so im not sure if it was she just missed it, or was busy then forgot?


Also if u have known someone for a month or so would texting "have a good day at work" be to much? I just thought it might be nice and something different than hey how are u, but wasnt sure if it was to weird haha

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for me, it all depends on how much I'm feeling the guy. If after a few dates I really dig him, I wouldn't mind hearing from him every day, unless I'm really busy.


Yes, I totally agree. If I really like the guy I actually enjoy sending/getting a cute text/email/phone call every day.

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thx for the replies but that kinda sucks, how am i supposed to know if she likes me that much haha


or if she just likes me enough to continue talking to me every now and then.


i know i had not text her a lot just before the holidays and she said i forgot about her and she said i dont text her unless she text me.


since then i been texting atleast every other day and she hasnt txt me first in forever

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