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pleasing my gf while avoiding vagina


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If it were me, I would find out and focus on what she enjoys most. One girl I was with loved having a guy run his hands through her hair and touch her head. It was a big deal to her. I'd just ask and see what she wants most that is intimate but non sexual and then help her out with that often.


From a sexual standpoint, I think the main thing is to show restraint while expressing interest. I would avoid appearing too eager ime. You can be highly turned on and still give the outward appearance of composure and controlled arousal. Choosing what you focus on may be the best way to do that. Kiss her often and use the strength in your hands and arms to turn her on by holding her. Women tend to enjoy that combined with lighter touches at the right times. I would make overtly sexual moves such as breast and butt stimulation less predominant unless that is just what she is asking for. Your erection will be more than enough to let her know you are turned on. No need to get her clothes off quickly or even at all. She will tend to respect you and probably will want you more since you can stimulate her while showing appropriate interest and restraint.


Gauge how turned on you both are and try to keep a mutual level of arousal. It tends not to be as much fun when one party is super turned on and the other only a little.


I think your approach is excellent overall btw.

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naw, her breasts arent off limits. but everything so far has been with clothes on. i tried kissing her from her ears to her breasts but i get the feeling that she isnt cool with me unclothing them yet. i respect her and i dont want her to feel uncomfortable or forced into anything, me and her will talk and see whats up. thanks for the replies so far, keep 'em coming.

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we've only been together for a little over 2 months now. plus she is a virgin. She told me that until we started going out she was gonna save herself until she got married but now she is thinking twice about that. so i dont want to rush things.


well the bad thing about all this is that no matter where you touch her and try to please her it will all lead to the "vagina" LOL...if you don't want to have sex with her now you better be carefull where you kiss her...Hell I lose my head and forget about everything

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U gf sounds just like how I was lol I was really shy so thats how she prob feels wen it cums to anything under the clothes. Guiding her hand would help coz thats wat my bf did. oh and get sum love dice they help and build up confidence to do stuf with each other (not below trousers, it does have "feet" written on the dice lol)

good luck! xx

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