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Need advice about calling--Please HELP!!


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I talked to this guy online last night for several hours on link removed. We are going to go out soon. He gave me his #, then I gave him mine. He was really anxious to talk to me last night but it was super late. He seemed very excited about going out with me. Well, he hasnt called yet and I just saw him online. I am just wondering if he is as nervous as I am, and if I should just bite the bullet and call him. If he didnt want to talk he wouldnt have said so or given me his number. Please Help!

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Well, he hasnt called. I dont know if he will. It is just so incredibly frustrating. Last night he said he was so excited and really looking forward to going out with me. If that is the case, why hasnt he called?? I really dont get it.


If a man is that hot and cold, you dont want him. If he was all excited to meet you LAST night, and has no followup after, then you have to assume he had an opening to fill, or found someone else to go out with last night and is working that now.


I just went through this with a guy (see my thread - lol).

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