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Any advice for the situation I am feeling?


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My bf and I have been having a lot more sex then we normally do. I really enjoy it when we do have sex but I don't cum everytime we do. There has been a few times where I get really close and he ends up finishing before I even get the chance to have one. Is it pretty normal to not get an orgasm everytime that we have sex?


Also, after we finish having sex I like to lay there next to him and just be able to be in each others arms for a little bit. I have noticed that right after we are finished my bf will lay there for a min or two. But gets up right away and gets dressed. I understand that there are other things that needs to be done but it just kinda bothers me. It makes me feel that he is just like awesome I had sex and now I get to move to something else. He will snuggle with me at times but other times he just gets up and gets dressed. So I kinda think that I did something wrong. I don't really know if this is normal to feel. I know that he isn't using me for sex because if he was we wouldn't have been this committed to each other for over a 1 1/2 yrs.


I feel its because we have more sex then we are use to having. I'm figuring that it maybe the reason why. We both enjoy having the sex and being able to share the feelings that we have for each other.


Any advice at all????

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For me, an orgasm isn't the goal of actual intercourse, atleast not always.

If I am pleasured before, I don't need to during. Or if it so happens that he finishes before I do, he always pleasures me and gets me off afterwards, I never feel unsatisfied.

You need to communicate that to him.


As for the cuddling, once again, communicate. He doesn't magically know what you are thinking or feeling, and in order for things to change, you need to speak up.


Communication is the most important thing for a good sex life. We can't read or know what our partners feel or think. We need to communicate our needs if they aren't being met.

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Yep talk to him. A lot of guys lose their sexual interest after climaxing. Perfectly normal. Did you ever see the movie, "When Harry Met Sally"? Same thing about the guy losing interest after sex. Just understand that everyone reacts differently after an orgasm.


Also you may want to talk to him about how to keep you involved until you have an orgasm as well. Let him know that you are close and want him to help you get there. If you can climax from a helping hand let him know how and what he can do to help you there. A lot of guys want to make sure their partner has finished either before or at the same time as them.

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Blue hit it right there.


You need to express yourself and don't expect him to KNOW how you feel. When he is getting close can you tell? He can always slow things down a little or use other means to bring you closer or for that matter you can let your fingers do the walking and help yourself orgasm. There is no right or wrong. One thing though, do not talk to him about this right after sex. He will take it the wrong way. Talk to him about it when you are close on the couch snuggling. I can't speak for all guys but I was often upset with myself if I my ex didn't have at least 2 orgasms every time. He cares for you he wants to please you.



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