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Many a secret


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Hi all,


Thought I'd share this, roughly a 15 minute piece of work. Was asked by a girl to write a poem about secrets after she told me a few of her stories, this is the result. Thought id share. Cheerio.


Outside a happy person, a life full with content,

An ever bounding wonder with little to repent.

She lives a daydream moment, so blessed in little years,

But come along, I'll show you yet, a journey laced in fears.


I have many a secret, some lost in sands of time,

They always say "you're near the top", but never made the climb.

I look at them so drearily, and know I cannot tell,

What words are there to express this lonely, desolate * * * * ing hell?


I have many a secret, they eat me from inside,

They ride the wave of torment, never wash out with the tide.

They think it doesn't hurt or leave scars upon my soul,

But they don't see me crying here, surpassed in my own bowl.


And all these little secrets, I bury deep within,

Eternally they scratch and rip at me under my skin.

And those who once hurt me may forget me before long,

But * * * * em all, I'm marching on and singing loud my song.

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